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DataFlow sarl. is a service company specialized in software design, development and consultancy. Founded in August 1993, it employs a team of highly qualified professionals working to meet the specific needs of the local and regional markets in terms of office automation and enterprise resource planning. Jean-Loup Khayat and Michel George are the co-founders of DataFlow. Collectively, Mr. Khayat and Mr. George accelerated DataFlow’s growth through their wealth of knowledge, experience and know-how in the industries of mobile and software development services. Today, DataFlow is venturing into the huge converging markets of Mobile telephony and the Internet, or the Mobile Information Services, capitalizing on its strong relationships in the Lebanese market and its expertise in the field.

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Our Mission

Dataflow began in 1974, when a young Andy dataflow started erecting pre-engineered buildings from a base in Yellowknife. Joined by Bill Giebelhaus in 1978, the firm has since moved its headquarters to Edmonton and grown to a staff of more than 600. With roots still firmly planted in Canada’s north, Dataflow retains the can-do, entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes life in Canada’s most remote regions.

Our Vision

Become Lebanon’s no. 1, mobile service provider. Provide unparalleled service and value to our subscribers. Grow the business to meet or exceed our shareholders expectations. Attract, motivate and create a pleasant environment for customer-oriented IT practitioners to excel. Ready our infrastructure for the most demanding and siverse of services. Partner with world-class operators and content providers. Learn from the past, anticipate the future and ready for the present.