From the very outset, providing our services in English, Arabic and French has been an integral part of our offerings. We have developed core skills in the localization and internationalization of software platforms and applications, the adaptation and localization of elearning content for K-12, Higher Ed and the corporate sector, in addition to the translation and localization of documentation, manuals, texts and web-sites.  

We have been particularly successful in meeting the challenges of carrying out Arabic localisation of our clients’ products.  Dataflow has carried out a number of major projects on behalf of major international publishers to adapt and localize to Arabic e-learning content for the K-12 and corporate sectors. We recognize the importance of making learning content relevant for the target audience. We work carefully, sensitively and accurately in adapting and localizing content, thereby ensuring that the new content is appropriate for the target audience from the point of view of their learning outcomes and curriculum standards, their language and their culture.

In addition to providing localization services, we also offer a range of other consulting services that support our clients’ efforts to open up new markets in the MENA region. Dataflow, along with our international division Dataflow International, has close to 20 years experience of working in the MENA region where we have buit up a wealth of experience working with a variety of sectors. Through this activity we have developed significant market knowledge both in the public and private sector. In addition to the adaptation of our clients’ products to ensure that they are ready for a particular market, we also provide support and consulting in the development and execution of market entry strategies for our clients.

Dataflow has worked with our clients on projects in the region that have helped open up new markets for them. These have ranged from simple text translation to country-wide roll-outs of systems and content. Some of these projects included:

  • Content and Systems Adaptation and Localisation
  • Management and execution of Public Sector tenders
  • Systems development and integration
  • Training programs, both online and in-classroom
  • Data center development
  • Hardware procurement