advanced web based solutions

Dataflow takes full advantage of available technologies and distributed services to build enterprise-class server-based web applications to meet your business critical needs; whether building web sites for locating and sharing information, portals for information consolidation and informed decision making, PDA applications for mobility, or web based application for automation and streamlining of your business processes.

Dataflow uses Microsoft .NET Framework to build web services and applications; Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies to help you manage content and business processes and sharing information; Adobe LiveCycle solution for documents automation, e-forms customization, workflow, bar-coding, and digital signatures; and many other technologies as needed.

Dataflow extends the capabilities of its solutions by incorporating advanced web services to distinguish its products in the market and innovate using available technologies.

For instance, Dataflow has extended its Financing solution to provide a portal dedicated for clients to view and manage their portfolio and accounts; Sales Force Automation by providing PDA applications with GPS capabilities for salesmen and van drivers; Human Resources to allow a Manager to evaluate the progress and advancement of their employees, etc.